Internet Marketing Tips: What You Need To Know About Selling Products Online

Selling products online isn’t something that only big retailers do. There is plenty of scope for individuals to make good money.

There is no end to the amount of products that can be sold online. Just as long as there is a market for it, it can be sold. This being the case, it’s possible to tailor your business to anything that has a market that you would like to sell. Your success will depend on how well you research the market, how much demand there is for your product and of course a touch of luck. Products as diverse as children’s bicycles to food to precious stones can be sold online.

One of the big benefits of selling products online is that you won’t need the traditional sales location of a shop. You’ll just need somewhere to store your stock, and if your stock is digitally downloaded, then you won’t even really need that.

The big stores don’t usually get into specialist niches so that also provides an opportunity for financial success. Online stores don’t generally need a lot of employees either, unless you make it as big as a site like Amazon has. This means that your overheads will be considerably smaller than a traditional bricks and mortar business.

When it comes to selecting a product to sell online, there are different business models on offer. For example, you could resell a product that has been developed by somebody else, such as an ebook or a piece of software. You’ll need to know what the conditions of sale are from the original owner of the product and it’s also wise to know the product and what it can do inside and out.

Another method that makes a lot of money online is selling services. This type of work covers everything from writing articles for other companies to promote their goods online to designing smartphone applications. This is a huge variety of services that sell well – check out some of the big freelancers sites to get an idea of these.

The fundamental rule is if you can sell it, and there is a market for it – then you can start a business on it. You will need to check whether what you want to sell has any legal prohibition on it, you can do this by checking with the relevant governmental department or agency.

To get started with selling products online, the best approach is to start with research into options. Start by sitting down to brainstorm your interests and the topics that you know something about.

You should then check on forums to see what people are discussing and whether there are any products that are sought after but not met by any other businesses. There is a possibility that there could be enough demand for the type of products being demanded.

You should then check to see who is selling products online like the ones that you want to sell. Run a search on the major search engines and check out the websites that returned in the listings. Now check how many people are visiting these websites each month. If they can sell it, then there’s plenty of room for you to sell products online like these too.

5 Tips to Present Like a Pro

Over the last five years, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in the field of presentation
skills. Increasingly, experts support the idea that being a “good enough” speaker is
no longer “good enough.” Mere competency as a speaker is no longer enough to sell
your ideas, bring communities together, or move clients to action.

What are the reasons for this change?  I believe it results from a unique confluence
between popular and business cultures. The private sphere has become more
public, reality shows rule, PowerPoint is the norm, and the idea of individual
“performance” is key. Whatever the reasons, the expectations of ordinary audiences
have risen. It’s no longer good enough to be good enough.

How can presenters overcome these new challenges?

Here are five essential tips to ensure you are better than “just good enough.”

1.  Ensure that you have a good design.

More presentations fail because of poor design than because of poor delivery. In
fact, high quality design actually improves delivery.

Here are the three factors most likely to cause poor design:

* Composing your presentation without an “end in mind.”

* Using PowerPoint to compose your presentation.

* Overlooking your audience’s needs, wants, anxieties, biases, “personality…”

How to avoid these pitfalls:

Always ask yourself: “What do I want to this presentationto achieve?” Many speakers
who want to persuade their audiences compose “information-only” speeches. Guess
what? The audience, in most cases, will NOT fill in the blanks. They will NOT be
moved to action. Learn how to construct the right speech for the job. (I can help –
drop me a line at [email protected].)

PowerPoint is meant to support your message, not to be used as a composing tool.
You must identify your desired outcome(s) and design your presentation to achieve
those. The best tools to do this are a pen and paper, (or Word if you are so inclined.)
Composing on PowerPoint increases the chance that you will deliver an unfocused,
rambling “data-dump.”

Know your audience. Design your presentation to answer the question, “What’s in it
for THEM?”

2. Be fit.

The best presenters, even the “low-key” ones, use a lot of personal energy. If you
feel out of shape, find an activity that strengthens you, speeds up your metabolism,
and gives you stamina. It doesn’t matter what  “size” you are. It does matter how fit
you are.

3.  Remember that presenting is a relationship event, not a performance event.

Above all, effective presenters connect with their audiences. The presentation
becomes a large conversation. Everyone feels more comfortable, even when the
topic is thorny.

How to connect? Greet people individually as they come in the door. Hob-nob at the
refreshment table. Learn people’s names. Make eye contact. Ask questions. Show

4. Breathe. Be yourself. Have fun!

This tip is integrally attached to point #3. When we are authentic, we connect
authentically with people. They are more apt to listen to us and receive our
message. When we have enough oxygen to fuel our brains, we don’t forget our
material. We are energized. When we’re having fun, the audience is more receptive.

5. Remember that your internal voice never tells the whole truth.

You’re done with the presentation. You’re privately debriefing the experience inside
your brain.  Some presenters will hear mean-spirited comments–crueler by far than
any comment they might dream of giving someone else. Other presenters hear
overly grandiose feedback, telling them that they did much better than they actually

Many presenters don’t hear much self-feedback at all, since they became oblivious
of their actions and words once they began their presentations (not a good thing.)

How do we discover how effective we actually were?

Elicit feedback from people you trust will tell you the truth. Take their comments
seriously, and then decide what, if any, changes you want to make. Don’t depend
totally on your internal voice.

Approximately 50 million presentations are given every day across the United
States. Since you sometimes give one of those presentations, why not rise beyond
being “just good enough?” Integrate these tips and you’ll present like a pro!

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Article © 2005 Guila Muir and Associates

Eight Useful Christmas Presents for Mom

We are coming nearer to Christmas time. Before you know it, people are starting to be in a rush – holiday rush for that matter. People are buying gifts for their loved ones, Christmas decors, things for the parties, champagnes and whole lot more. Well, shopping is indeed fun but sometimes, buying presents for your loved ones especially for your mom could cause you headache. Let us admit it, we want to give mom something special for Christmas so we feel pressured to come up with spectacular, fabulous and beautiful gifts for her. Well, instead of thinking about “the fabulous gift for her” why don’t we come up with “useful Christmas presents for mom”? Do not worry because this article will give you some ideas and examples for these useful Christmas gift ideas for mom.

Here are eight useful and practical gifts that you could offer to your mom this coming holiday season:

1. Massage chair – our moms are not getting any younger so it would be great to give her all the pampering that she deserves. It would be best to give her a massage chair that can give her wonderful massage to help her ease stress and tension. Giving Spa gift certificates is fine but isn’t it more convenient if she has a massage chair at home?

2. Gardening tools – if your mom is into gardening then she would surely appreciate some new gardening tools from you. Maybe she needs to change her old lawn mower or something. Check with her things and see what you can add to make her gardening experience better.

3. Baking tools – most moms love to bake so it would be best to give her some baking tools and ingredients. Well, you will surely benefit from this too because for sure, your mom will let you taste her cakes, pastries and other baked goods with the rest of the family.

4. Laptop or tablet – who said only young people can use iPad and tablets? Well, your mom will definitely enjoy it too – playing Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies.

5. Tea set – it would also be great to gift her some new tea set especially if your mom is the type who always invite friends in the house for some tea.

6. Wine glasses – if your mom is a wine-lover who always complements foods with wine then wine glasses will be perfect gift for her.

7. GPS navigation device – to make sure that your mom will have easier time in the road, it would be a great idea to give her GPS navigation device for her car.

8. Gym equipments – being fit is being healthy so to encourage your mom to stay fit, you could give her some gym equipments like treadmill, stepper or rowing machine that she could use.

These are the best gift ideas to give to your mom this Christmas. Giving her beautiful things is fun especially when you see the amazement in her eyes but sometimes it is more practical to give her things that will be useful for her. Now, are you ready to pick some top Christmas gift ideas for mom?